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Christmas is a Time for:

A Joyous Christmas to you all from World Missions & Evangelism—Frank J. Kosick, published in End Times Messenger December 1976.


Almost 20 centuries ago the wise men led by a heavenly star, came to Jerusalem to worship Christ! They travelled on camels and arrived about two years after the birth of the child. They came to bow down and adore the “Messiah,” who was promised centuries ago.

Who would even imagine that any would travel that far from the western hemisphere to just worship Christ? Some perhaps would come to critically analyze this strange scene, as it affords amazing news for the curious crowd of the radio, TV, and newspaper audience.

These wise men came to worship. Oh, that this would be the driving force within our hearts this Christmas. Just to set aside the pagan customs of empty celebrations, and worship Christ, in spirit and in truth. Wise men still worship today and make Christ the Lord of their life.

“And when they were come into the house, they saw the young child with Mary his mother, and fell down, and worshipped him…”

Matthew 2:11

They recognized the Deity of Christ, as Emmanuel, God with us, yes, God “veiled in human flesh!” May we too pause this Christmas to give our Lord humble homage and extol Him as the royal King, the Prophet, and Redeemer!

Christmas is a time for Worship! It’s not a time for revelry and commercialism, but a joyful moment to make our family reunions centered around Christ the Lord, who deserves our heartfelt worship.


The wise men did not come to receive, they came to give. Gold, frankincense, and myrrh they laid at the Christ-child’s feet. Typically, speaking of his threefold ministry they recognized Him. Gold speaks of His royalty; frankincense of his Prophetic ministry and myrrh of his Redemption.

Let us, first give ourselves to Him, who gave Himself for us, and then lay voluntarily at his feet our tithes, offerings, and wave offerings. In His name, let us make an investment to assist in snatching souls from darkness into the kingdom of Light.

I think of the Christians, this Christmas, behind the iron curtain, in prisons, and others in lands of poverty, where they are enslaved by communism. May our giving be merciful in the name of Jesus to His eternal glory. My fellow Christian, have you given Christ as a gift? If not, it’s not too late—do it now!


The shepherds “when they had seen it (the child), they make known abroad the saying which was told them concerning the child.”

Luke 2:17

This has always been the task of the church. We must tell the story of redemption! Evangelization is the urgency of the hour and is the only reason of our existence as a church of Jesus Christ. This past year I have spent almost nine months on foreign fields, together with our missionaries sharing the gospel of Christ.

Christmas reminds us of the first “Mission” from Heaven. The father sent His only begotten Son to seek and to save that which was lost. Tell someone about Christ in your gatherings. Make this season a time of joyful sharing of Christ with others.

A little boy asked me what my profession was, as I was lying next to his bed in the hospital. I answered, “I’m a missionary.” “What is a missionary?”, he asked. I said, “Someone that tells people about Jesus.”

That night when his parents came to visit him, he asked them if they know what a missionary was. They answered, “we do not know.” The boy replied, “The man in the next bed is a missionary because he is one who tells people about Jesus.”

That night I heard that little boy present the gospel of Christ to his Dad and Mom, the way I could never have presented. Yes, even a little child has a missionary message at Christmas. May we tell the story on the mountain, in the valley, in Africa, America, Japan, the islands of the sea, yes, to every creature and our neighbours!

Don’t allow the Christmas festivity to rob you of the joy of “Missions,” to a dying world. The wise men returned another way after they had worshipped and given their gifts (Matthew 2:12) and joyfully shared the message to their own people.

Worship! Give! Go! This Christmas!

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