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New Church Dedicated in Calgary

This article by Pastor F. J. Kosick was first published in the End Times’ Messenger December 1970.

The Rev. Glen S. McLean was the guest speaker at the dedication and diamond jubilee service of Calgary’s Full Gospel Church on Sunday, November 15, 1970, with a capacity crowd in attendance.

Official greetings were given by R.A. Larden, representing the Apostolic Fellowship, Norman Worth, representing the district Full Gospel Churches of Calgary, and Kenneth Bunting, representing the Pentecostal Assemblies of Canada.

The following history of the Full Gospel Church was given by Pastor F. J. Kosick.

The history of the Full Gospel Church spans the years 1910-1970. It is almost 60 years to the date since Rev. Walter Smith and Dr. Yeomans brought the message of “Grace” and “Pentecost” to the city, originating in east Calgary.

This Gospel was shared for about two years within the sanctuary of the Heath Baptist Church. Where many evangelicals were introduced to and experienced the original Book of Acts experience, known as Baptism of the Holy Spirt.

From 1915–1920, the faithful laymen Bro. Hedley Spencer and Bro. John Trevett contended for the “faith” in cottage meetings. Then came Rev. Harvey McAllister, followed by Rev. Merrin, establishing the first organized Grace Pentecostal Church from 1921–1929. Then the old-timers speak of Rev. Joe Erickson relocating the church where many were baptized with the Holy Ghost and fire between the years of 1930–1931. With many speaking of the ministry of Bro. F. Nudd and Rev. Harold Prescott and Bro. Stan Newby.

From about 1932 to 1940, the City of Calgary experienced a wave of revival, accompanied with outstanding miracles and healings. Under a Spirit-filled ministry of Rev. & Mrs. R. Reynolds the “Full Gospel Church” met in rented quarters of 917–14th Avenue SW, and became affiliated with the “Apostolic Church of Pentecost.”

The revealed truth of the “God-Head” in Christ, and water baptism in the Name of the Lord Jesus Christ was the distinctive message. From 1940–1946, the ministry continued under Rev. & Mrs. Freeman Hamilton. Due to the illness of Rev. Hamilton, Rev. & Mrs. Frank J. Kosick were invited to pastor. They remained in the church until 1962, in the meantime purchasing the building and enlarging it three different times as revivals swept the community with outreach through the radio and printed page, sharing the message to the four corners of the world.

Three other Full Gospel Churches were established, reaching Bowness, Forest Lawn, and Queen’s Park (North Hill). Rev. & Mrs. E. L. McRae succeeded Rev. Kosick from 1962–1968. At this time four houses adjoining the church were purchased for future enlargement. Rev. & Mrs. Trevor Harris assisted Rev. McRae in ministry for several years.

Rev. McRae passed away, and Rev. Kosick was invited to return. Since 1969 the new church was built and linked with the existing one.

The Full Gospel people celebrate sixty years of continuous triumph of God’s Grace and Power, and the progressive revelation of the Deity of Christ and His Name, and mark the event by dedicating a new church, seating over 800 people and ample space for Sunday School and Youth activity. On this Diamond Jubilee, we pause to salute all the Faith Heroes of this generation contending for the original Apostolic Grace and Power! To God, we give all the glory and praise!

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It’s always interesting to read of the starting moments of Full Gospel Churches. What they were founded on was the original messages of the “God-head” in Christ and water baptism in the Name of the Lord Jesus Christ. They were our roots and the message that went “into the whole world”. I always look at these stories and examine whether I have stayed true to them or have I wandered away? Have I started following practices, doctrines and teachings of non- Oneness organizations like the PAOC etc?
We had such a unique and rich beginning. What the Holy Spirit revealed to our founders needs to be the foundation we stay true to. When I re-read Our Apostolic Heritage, The Winds of God, and Fire On Azusa Street, they reaffirm the truth the Spirit of God gave and the truth we need in today’s chaotic spiritual world.

Paul, I am a licensed minister (51 years) with the United Pentecostal Church International. I just retired as District Superintendent in the Tennessee District.(UPCI)
Our family (on both of my parents’ side) came into Oneness Pentecost under Bro. Frank Small over 101 years ago in Winnipeg. We were raised in that rich Apostolic culture in Winnipeg and Bro. Small was a tremendous influence on our family.
One God, and baptism in Jesus name, are paramount doctrines to us today, and we owe it to that great foundation over 100 years ago.
Congratulations on the 100 ACOPOC! May they continue to move forward in Apostolic truth! Acts 2:38

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