100 Years of Memories

Full Gospel Bible Camps

The most exciting time of the year is about to begin for our boys and girls. And with the beginning of summer holidays, a unique group of dedicated young Christian Workers will be launching a program of summer evangelism that will especially appeal to our energy-packed youngsters.

Meet the Vice-Principal

The reputation of any school depends basically upon the teachers of the school and the graduate student that is sent into active service of the Lord. Much of the reputation that the Full Gospel Bible Institute enjoys has come to us through the solid and unique ministry of Rev. Lorne O. Pritchard, our Vice-Principal.

Bro. Shibagaki’s Testimony

The first time I heard the gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ was just this year in May. Before hearing the Gospel I always thought of God as just another make-believe story and fairy tale. I did not understand salvation at all.

Always Missionaries at Heart

Lloyd was a traveling evangelist when he met Madalene in Port Coquitlam, BC. She was teaching the adult Sunday School class in the church there, which Lloyd attended. He was very impressed with her teaching and was sure that she would make…