Divin Mvoula (S4-E5)

You and I are everyday people who make a difference for Christ! When we focus on what we have in common over what divides us, it becomes the foundation of important conversations about life (what is life about?) and faith. And every conversation matters. Time Stamps: 3:16 – The best city in Saskatchewan 5:24 – […]

Chris Boyko (S4-E4)

Can I get a testimony!? Ministry happens all week long; making Sunday mornings the connection point for lives you’ve invested in. Everything you and I do can be submitted to God, and you can be sure that He’ll use you. You are not a victim of circumstance! Time Stamps: 3:39 – All on the couch, […]

Greg Denie (S4-E3)

Do you remember digging to the bottom of the cereal box for the prize? This feels like that! If you’re looking for some inspiration (especially if you’re creative) then jump into this conversation with Kim and Greg—you’ll hardly get a word in edgewise and it’s wonderful! Time Stamps: 3:04 – Pickleball and being a Dad […]

Jennilee Greig (S4-E2)

This episode is a delight—Kim and Jennilee talk about the creative ways in which God calls and equips us; candidly sharing the reality of the ups and downs that go with the mission. Together they remind us that God is always faithful—it’s just that sometimes we get the blueprint between heaven and earth a little […]

Daycee Richardson (S4- E1)

Season 4 kicks off with a bang! Get ready to dive into an engaging conversation with Kim and her special guest, Daycee, representing Hillcrest Church in Moose Jaw. Together, they delve into the exciting theme for this season: ‘Beyond the Sanctuary’. Don’t miss this heart-stirring dialogue as they explore the connection between church leadership and […]

Bill Hogg (S3-E8)

Are we participating in the Mission of God? Kim and Bill explore the power of the Gospel today—word and deed are always interwoven and that’s how we build healthy and significant relationships with pre-Christians. You’ll be inspired to work on your own evangelism “mojo!” Time Stamps: 1:56 – A deeply loved child of God 8:00 […]

Tyrelle Smith (S3-E7)

Ooooh—let your heart catch fire with this one. You can feel that God is on the move, and as you listen, we pray that you’ll understand that there is a place for you in what He’s doing. Tyrelle and Kim have a “hearty” conversation about God’s call, taking risks on His character, owning what we […]

Gary Chupik (S3-E6)

Join Kim and Gary as they delve into How to Become a High Impact Leader with amazing humility. We’ve said it before, but nuggets of wisdom are contained within. In fact, we *guarantee* that something in the conversation will spark your thoughts! Those are the best conversations because, in the end, you understand that Leadership […]

Rod Barks (S3-E5)

Leadership is a “big” word—hard to define. But, you will find yourself immersed in a deep conversation between Kim and Rod about this very word! Join them as they talk about how-tos and the way in which we discredit the leadership within ourselves. For those just beginning to seasoned leaders—there is wisdom within! Time Stamps: […]