Tyrelle Smith (S3-E7)

Ministry Mind Leadership Podcast—Season Four!
Tyrelle Smith (S3-E7)

Ooooh—let your heart catch fire with this one. You can feel that God is on the move, and as you listen, we pray that you’ll understand that there is a place for you in what He’s doing. Tyrelle and Kim have a “hearty” conversation about God’s call, taking risks on His character, owning what we are, and the obedience we are called to when He puts us in impossible situations. You might find it hard not to cry and to catch God’s vision for you!

Time Stamps:

1:39 – Who is Tyrelle?

3:11 – My work is my hobby

5:00 – The “Canadian” way

6:42 – How did you come to know God?

12:17 – “A Holy fire inside of me.”

15:30 – God’s go is nobody’s no!

20:56 – The same God of the Bible for me…

22:45 – From Dream to Reality—Come Together Event

32:22 – “You need to leave these people.”

35:08 – The community will keep

43:00 – Two trees in everyone’s garden

45:20 – God is calling Canadians

51:44 – A quote that’ll change your life

54:13 – Prayer for YOU and the Canadian Harvest

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