Mark Gordon (S2-E6)

Ministry Mind Leadership Podcast—Season Four!
Ministry Mind Leadership Podcast—Season Four!
Mark Gordon (S2-E6)

There’s a lot of “Yes” going on in this conversation between Kim and Mark Gordon! You’ll be blessed and encouraged as they talk about the unconventional road to ministry, relationships, and what it means to hear God on the micro level—the everyday.

Time Stamps:

1:10 – Who is Mark?

5:16 – What revives your soul?

6:42 – Everything flows out of relationship

8:17 – Remembering Stan Powers

13:38 – The call to ministry

19:10 – “I knew God would open a door.”

25:07 – Saying “Yes” no matter how crazy it seems

28:12 – Important note on facilitating mission

32:39 – Another shift in ministry

38:09 – Relationship Matters

42:35 – What does it mean to be Ministry Minded?

If you’d like to contact Mark, he can be reached through his website:

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