Dale Anderson (S2-E4)

Ministry Mind Leadership Podcast—Season Four!
Dale Anderson (S2-E4)

You’re gonna love this heartfelt conversation—listen as Kim and Dale engage our hearts with vulnerability and grace. They speak openly about how prayer shapes our lives, and how knowing God helps us through the losses and difficulties in life. It’s a true encouragement for all of us in our walk of faith—you will be touched and blessed.

Time Stamps:

0:44 – Tell us a bit about you

3:55 – “We had this plan”

8:27 – Everything will be perfect—No!

12:35 – God’s shoulders are big enough for all of the “why” questions

16:05 – Managing the grieving process while leading in ministry

24:18 – Salt and light of your love

25:50 – Next Gen Gathering “teaser”

31:10 – Political or Priestly

35:56 – Jesus knew who He was

38:41 – Submission, surrender, meekness, and humility

43:24 – What does it mean to be Ministry Minded? If you’d like to contact Dale, he can be reached through email: dale@cfg.church

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