Nikolas Amodeo (S2-E3)

Ministry Mind Leadership Podcast—Season Four!
Nikolas Amodeo (S2-E3)

Join Kim and Nikolas for a friendly conversation about the call to Pastoral Ministry and what it’s like to step into a Lead Pastor position at a young age. They share advice and wisdom for all young and “new” ministry leaders—even doing a little bit of preaching towards the end! You won’t want to miss the gems of wisdom within…

Time Stamps:

1:28 – Get to know Nikolas

4:55 – The call to Pastoral Ministry

11:05 – The value of education

16:00 – Overcoming hurdles

21: 18 – Advice for new leaders

26:16 – Honouring the saints in your congregation

31:58 – “One Thing” Leadership advice

35:09 – What congregations should know

38:55 – What does it mean to be Ministry Minded?

44:18 – “This Preaches” The life God created us for

If you’d like to get in touch with Nikolas he can be reached by email:

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