Cal Ellerby (S2-E2)

Ministry Mind Leadership Podcast—Season Four!
Cal Ellerby (S2-E2)

Kim and Cal chat over the New Church movement, a church planting initiative through ACOP.

You’ll enjoy this easy conversation between friends, and maybe, your heart will respond to the call of the gospel!

Time Stamps:

0:45 – Tell us about you

2:28 – My role with ACOP

5:01 – The world, the church, and the gospel

8:34 – Not just theory, but impactful

12:59 – New Church is…

15:00 – The Vision of 3000

21:20 – New Church Intensive?

23:36 – It takes a simple “yes”

25:07 – What does it mean to be Ministry Minded?

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