Leading Through Grief (S3-E3)

Ministry Mind Leadership Podcast—Season Four!
Leading Through Grief (S3-E3)

All the feelings—join Kim, Lindsay, and Kurt for this important and gentle conversation about the journey through grief and death. Loss is complicated and different for everyone, but it is a part of life. This is a beautiful conversation…

Time Stamps:

1:00 – Introduction to Kurt and Lindsay and a couple “pet peeves”

6:08 – Leading through grief

6:44 – Kurt’s Story—”Processing my own mortality.”

16:11 – Assumptions about how grief should affect us

17:30 – Linday’s Story—”Beautiful Pieces”

22:53 – Grief comes in waves

25:02 – Lessons from a journey through grief

33:00 – Food shows love 39:05 – Mental note: please don’t do that

45:42 – Resources on grief

58:15 – The value of vulnerable

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