Jennilee Greig (S4-E2)

Ministry Mind Leadership Podcast—Season Four!
Ministry Mind Leadership Podcast—Season Four!
Jennilee Greig (S4-E2)

This episode is a delight—Kim and Jennilee talk about the creative ways in which God calls and equips us; candidly sharing the reality of the ups and downs that go with the mission. Together they remind us that God is always faithful—it’s just that sometimes we get the blueprint between heaven and earth a little mixed up in our zealousness. Happy listening!

Time Stamps:

3:55 – You gotta know Jennilee!

5:12 – Thrive Canada—nature-based childcare

7:24 – God gave me a way to do it all

10:00 – Our call to missions, and we still get our lattes every morning

12:38 – Tools along the way

17:49 – Nothing but wins

25:33 – Finding your own people

29:10 – “Don’t send them away—give them something to eat”

37:50 – Write out your dream and START

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