Greg Denie (S4-E3)

Do you remember digging to the bottom of the cereal box for the prize? This feels like that! If you’re looking for some inspiration (especially if you’re creative) then jump into this conversation with Kim and Greg—you’ll hardly get a word in edgewise and it’s wonderful!

Time Stamps:

3:04 – Pickleball and being a Dad

6:15 – I started to wonder how I could get the message to them

11:03 – We started in a place of struggle

18:44 – We’re not gonna do church youth groups

24:45 – Light contends with the darkness

28:00 – The balance of Pastoral Ministry and Evangelism

34:25 – Learn to invite people in

38:04 – Are we increasing the size of our table?

45:38 – 1 step as an artist and 2 steps toward Jesus

Book recommendations:

Strengthening The Soul of Your Leadership—Ruth Haley Barton:

The Rest of God—Mark Buchanan:

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