Gary Chupik (S3-E6)

Ministry Mind Leadership Podcast—Season Four!
Ministry Mind Leadership Podcast—Season Four!
Gary Chupik (S3-E6)

Join Kim and Gary as they delve into How to Become a High Impact Leader with amazing humility. We’ve said it before, but nuggets of wisdom are contained within. In fact, we *guarantee* that something in the conversation will spark your thoughts! Those are the best conversations because, in the end, you understand that Leadership is simply intimacy with God.

Time Stamps:

0:58 – Tell us…

3:37 – “I’m a competitive smoker.”

6:10 – The classrooms I found myself in

13:48 – Walk with a spring in your step again

18:00 – The assignment changes

21:10 – S.F.O Principle and Win The Day

26:38 – What does Gary do?

29:49 – Information is like calories

33:14 – Every church has a personality

39:38 – Brutally vulnerable

45:59 – Be where your feet are

50:28 – Being used by God OR being close to God

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