Divin Mvoula (S4-E5)

You and I are everyday people who make a difference for Christ! When we focus on what we have in common over what divides us, it becomes the foundation of important conversations about life (what is life about?) and faith. And every conversation matters.

Time Stamps:

3:16 – The best city in Saskatchewan

5:24 – Friends from all over the world because of soccer

6:40 – God has put eternity in our hearts

10:29 – “Stubborn boy” was called to preach the Gospel

14:00 – Stop for the “one”

20:27 – What we have in common

24:27 – The beauty of Jesus motivates

30:15 – We do it scared

If you’d like to contact Divin you can reach him here: claude.divin@yahoo.fr

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