Daycee Richardson (S4- E1)

Ministry Mind Leadership Podcast—Season Four!
Daycee Richardson (S4- E1)

Season 4 kicks off with a bang!

Get ready to dive into an engaging conversation with Kim and her special guest, Daycee, representing Hillcrest Church in Moose Jaw. Together, they delve into the exciting theme for this season: ‘Beyond the Sanctuary’. Don’t miss this heart-stirring dialogue as they explore the connection between church leadership and its congregation while addressing the unique needs of the greater community.

Time Stamps:

2:55 – An intro to Daycee

9:30 – *Link* is the word

16:27 – Felt needs—what they’re identifying as their needs

19:35 – A level of courage and risk

21:25 – Push back

23:27 – A *people* connection

34:00 – Growing for your own people

36:02 – Overwhelmed by need

39:29 – Test runs vs. Doing it in earnest

42:48 – Obedience is success

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