Christina Docksteader (S4-E6)

Take a peek inside a well-known ministry that many churches are familiar with—Samaritan’s Purse.

Kim and her guest, Christina, talk about this beautiful ministry that functions Beyond the Sanctuary. As they share their stories with us, they keep touching on how prayer empowers everything we do!

Time Stamps:

2:40 – Where is Christina off to next?

4:49 – Camp is where my faith became real

7:11 – God pulled it all together for me

12:25 – Beyond the Sanctuary

17:01 – The quality of our work is the platform for our message

21:09 – Everything is done through prayer

24:17 – Relationship builders

28:04 – Mrs. Thelma

32:55 – The Gospel is meeting people where they’re at

35:12 – How can I get involved?

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