Bill Hogg (S3-E8)

Ministry Mind Leadership Podcast—Season Four!
Ministry Mind Leadership Podcast—Season Four!
Bill Hogg (S3-E8)

Are we participating in the Mission of God? Kim and Bill explore the power of the Gospel today—word and deed are always interwoven and that’s how we build healthy and significant relationships with pre-Christians. You’ll be inspired to work on your own evangelism “mojo!”

Time Stamps: 1:56 – A deeply loved child of God

8:00 – “You never win a wrestling match with God”

12:13 – “I wasn’t sure about the pastoral box”

20:17 – Gospel saturation

28:12 – Hope & Food

32:05 – A messy journey of sanctification

36:36 – Live it and breathe it

41:38 – Settling for a little fruit

49:24 – Wanna get in the game?

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