Andrew Vahi (S4-E7)

In every dark corner, there is hope! You are invited into this beautiful conversation between Andrew, co-founder of Village of Hope, and Kim as they share about the greatest miracle in this world—a transformed life! God has come for the one and if you’re looking you will find hope, life, love, acceptance, and forgiveness.

Time Stamps:

2:24 – My hobbies are found “on the way”

4:13 – The Village of Hope

7:55 – “If they only knew the price tag”

13:00 – One semester

14:38 – Why do you doubt ME now?

19:00 – A transformed life…

26:20 – Love, acceptance, and forgiveness

30:29 – Nobody looks for help unless they’re in crisis

34:00 – Self-leadership

37:25 – You’re not alone

40:34 – There is a place for anyone to love and serve

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