North Saskatchewan District Grow Day – May 28, 2019

The Springs of Life Church Saskatoon hosted a Leaders Grow day for 20 people from North Sask. It is a beautiful facility out in the country where we could all relax and enjoy each other. The North Sask. Lead Team spoke in all four sessions. Greg and Kim Cooper tag-teamed in the 1st Session on a theme entitled  “Living within our Limits and our Spiritual  Rhythms”.  The book  “Renewing the Soul of Your Leadership” was referenced.  Danger signs of living with no margin… Irritable, Restless, Compulsive Overworking, becoming Numb… etc.  Rod Cox spoke in Session #2 with the theme of Sabbatical. Daily, weekly, extended intentional sabbatical is needed to stay vital, have endurance and to grow. Greg, Kim and Rod all referenced the warning signs that indicate the need for rest. Jordan and Chantal Gadsby led Session #3 and began to steer us into the things we need to do to deal with the stress and pressure of ministry. Instead of trying to please people we need to stay connected to the Peace of God. His Presence, the Word, the living Voice of God to us. Our final Session was led by Brian Knull the hosting Pastor. Brian wrapped up the day tying up loose ends and giving us a strong challenge to walk honestly with God. He then led us through a simple but meaningful prayer. A great and full day.

Written by Regional Director Dave Wicks