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Welcome to ACOP’s Ministry Mind Leadership Podcast where we talk to leaders across our fellowship with the purpose of building connection and engagement. Join your host Kim Cooper, next-gen catalyst for ACOP, and hear stories that will challenge and encourage YOU in your ministry journey. 

Season two is here!

Meet Kim!

Kim is a Mom, Wife, Leader, Pastor, Hair Stylist, Next Gen Catalyst for ACOP, and someone who loves and serves her community—so you can believe she gets it…

Your life is busy, it doesn’t pause or stop. There’s a lot going on in your world and, at times, that leaves you feeling isolated, alone, that you’re the only one having to pivot, going through transition—needing a word of encouragement.

Kim’s heart is for you! Ministry Mind Leadership Podcast is meant to be a point of connection for you. You who feels the Call of the Gospel, Discipleship, God’s Church, Extending Grace & Igniting Hope…

This beautiful thing called life is threaded with shared experiences, hope in Christ, the work of the Gospel, and inspiration that may come from hearing another person’s story.

A peek inside their hearts…

So, sit down with a cup of coffee and join the conversation between old and new friends—connecting coast to coast! It’s a wonderful privilege to share a little life with each other…

What does it mean to be Ministry Minded?

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S2-E2 Cal Ellerby

Join Ministry Mind Leadership Podcast host Kim and ACOP’s Church Planting Catalyst Cal Ellerby. Grab your coffee and listen as they discuss the Gospel as our only hope—with the power to liberate, transform, and restore! You’ll also want to hear what it means to make disciples…

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S2-E1 Larry Moore

Ministry Mind Leadership Podcast host Kim Cooper interviews Larry Moore Executive director of United Youth Ministries. Larry has made some big changes in the last couple months accepting a position as the Lead pastor at the Regina Apostolic Church. Hear how God is leading Larry and Sandra through this and how this will affect United.

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S1-E6: Global Harvest

Listen in and hear Jerry and Brenda share about what God is doing in and through ACOP Global Harvest and Beyond ministries. Then find out how you can get involved.  

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S1-E5: Jori Stockdale

Episode 5 of the Ministry Mind Leadership Podcast features Pastor Jori Stockdale from the Regina Apostolic Church. She shares her heart for Next Gen and seeing faith be passed down from generation to generation. 

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Special Episode: Darla Matchett

In this episode ACOP Next Gen Catalyst Kim Cooper interviews Darla Matchett. Darla is preparing to retire this month from being the ACOP Administrator for many years. Hear stories from Darla that will challenge you to see your everyday roles as Ministry. 

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S1-E4: Sean Stevenson-Douglas

Listen in to Kim Cooper’s interview with our new Eston College President Sean Stevenson-Douglas. You will get to know who Sean is and more about the vision of the College moving forward. 

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S1-E3: Kenn Parker & Tyler Clark

Kenn Parker & Tyler Clark share about a prophetic initiative they are working on. Hear about their mentorship relationship & what God is doing in and through them. As well they share a word for ACOP & our Next Generation of leaders. 

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S1-E2: Stan Powers & Chris Westby

Resources shared by Rev. Chris Westby 1. “Next” by: Warren Bird  2. “Passing The Leadership Baton” by Tom Mullins                    3. “Leading From The Second Chair” by: Mike Bonem & Roger Patterson. 

Listen as they share about transition of Leadership!

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S1-E1: Sarah Sinanan

Join the conversation between Kim & Sarah as they discuss having to Pivot in midst of Covid, growing team, connection and accountability.