Meet Kim!

Kim is a Mom, Wife, Leader, Pastor, Hair Stylist, Next Gen Catalyst for ACOP, and someone who loves and serves her community—so you can believe she gets it…

Your life is busy, it doesn’t pause or stop. There’s a lot going on in your world and, at times, that leaves you feeling isolated, alone, that you’re the only one having to pivot, going through transition, or needing a word of encouragement.

Kim’s heart is for you! Ministry Mind Leadership Podcast is meant to be a point of connection for you. You who feels the Call of the Gospel, Discipleship, God’s Church, Extending Grace & Igniting Hope…

This beautiful thing called life is threaded with shared experiences, hope in Christ, the work of the Gospel, and inspiration that may come from hearing another person’s story.

A peek inside their hearts…

So, sit down with a cup of coffee and join the conversation between old and new friends—connecting coast to coast! It’s a wonderful privilege to share a little life with each other…

What does it mean to be Ministry Minded?

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Season 3

Season 2

Are we participating in the Mission of God?

Kim and Bill explore the power of the Gospel today—word and deed are always interwoven and that’s how we build healthy and significant relationships with pre-Christians. You’ll be inspired to work on your own evangelism “mojo!”

Time Stamps:

1:56 – A deeply loved child of God

8:00 – “You never win a wrestling match with God”

12:13 – “I wasn’t sure about the pastoral box”

20:17 – Gospel saturation

28:12 – Hope & Food

32:05 – A messy journey of sanctification

36:36 – Live it and breathe it

41:38 – Settling for a little fruit

49:24 – Wanna get in the game?


Message Canada:

Advance Groups:


🤯 Ooooh—let your heart catch fire with this one. You can feel that God is on the move, and as you listen we pray that you’ll understand that there is a place for you in what He’s doing.

Tyrelle and Kim have a “heart-y” conversation about God’s call, taking risks on His character, about owning what we are, and the obedience we are called to when He puts us in impossible situations. You might find it hard not to cry and to catch the vision God has for you!

Time Stamps:

1:39 – Who is Tyrelle?

3:11 – My work is my hobby

5:00 – The “Canadian” way

6:42 – How did you come to know God?

12:17 – “A Holy fire inside of me”

15:30 – God’s go is nobody’s no!

20:56 – The same God of the Bible for me…

22:45 – From Dream to Reality—Come Together Event

32:22 – “You need to leave these people”

35:08 – Community will keep

43:00 – Two trees in everyone’s garden

45:20 – God is calling Canadians

51:44 – A quote that’ll change your life

54:13 – Prayer for YOU and the Canadian Harvest

Join Kim and Gary as they delve into How to Become a High Impact Leader with amazing humility. We’ve said it before but, nuggets of wisdom are contained within. In fact, we *guarantee* that something in the conversation will spark your thoughts! Those are the best kind of conversations because, in the end, you understand that Leadership is quite simply intimacy with God.

Time Stamps:

0:58 – Tell us…

3:37 – “I’m a competitive smoker.”

6:10 – The classrooms I found myself in

13:48 – Walk with a spring in your step again

18:00 – The assignment changes

21:10 – S.F.O Principle and Win The Day

26:38 – What does Gary do?

29:49 – Information is like calories

33:14 – Every church has a personality

39:38 – Brutally vulnerable

45:59 – Be where your feet are

50:28 – Being used by God OR being close to God

If you’d like more information, reach out to Gary at:

Leadership is a “big” word—hard to define. But, you will find yourself immersed in a deep conversation between Kim and Rod about this very word! Join them as they talk about how-tos and the way in which we discredit the leadership within ourselves.

For those just beginning to seasoned leaders—there is wisdom within!

Time Stamps:

0:49 – Call me Rod

2:45 – Did you? The power of saying “yes”

6:59 – Everyone is called to leadership

10:15 – Two percent of believers say they have leadership gifts

17:14 – Both are involved (learned leadership)

19:50 – Don’t most great things start with a conversation?

22:28 – Taking care of what is vs. leading into what can be

24:44 – It’s not a lack of desire!

33:11 – It’s hard to knock someone down when you have your arm around them

39:04 – Scenery, machinery, and created in the image of God


Next Wave: Discovering the 21st Century Church by Steve Pike:

Experiencing LeaderShift: Letting Go of Leadership Heresies by Don Cousins:

Hero Maker by Dave Ferguson and Warren Bird:

Creativity, Inc.: Overcoming the Unseen Forces That Stand in the Way of True Inspiration by Ed Catmull:

Join us for another fruitful listen as these women come together to discuss their progression to lead roles within the church. You’ll walk away with a sense that your heart has been knit together with others who just want to follow the call of God.

Time Stamps:

2:47 – Reading, coffee, and sailboats

6:55 – You ladies are in ministry!

13:13 – The progression to lead roles

21:16 – A long time coming—suddenly!

31:13 – The best and hard things…

40:12 – That’ll bounce

45:49 – Boldly say “yes”

46:53 – What would you change?

54:46 – Resources and final thoughts


Developing Female Leaders by Kadi Cole:

Jesus and Women by Kristi McLelland:

How God Sees Women by Terran Williams:

All the feelings—join Kim, Lindsay, and Kurt for this important and gentle conversation about the journey through grief and death. Loss is complicated and different for everyone—an unfortunate part of life. Don’t miss this beautiful conversation…

Time Stamps:

1:00 – Introduction to Kurt and Lindsay and a couple “pet peeves”

6:08 – Leading through grief

6:44 – Kurt’s Story—”Processing my own mortality”

16:11 – Assumptions about how grief should affect us

17:30 – Lindsay’s Story—”Beautiful Pieces”

22:53 – Grief comes in waves

25:02 – Lessons from a journey through grief

33:00 – Food shows love

39:05 – Mental note: please don’t do that

45:42 – Resources on grief

58:15 – The value of vulnerable

Our first “round table” discussion with Kim and Greg, Heidi and Chad. You’ll enjoy their wisdom as they navigate their common mission—being all out for Jesus together!

Together these families discuss being in ministry together and the delicate balance between ministry and family life. Add to your playlist today!

Time Stamps:

1:26 – Intro to Heidi and Chad

2:32 – The long and twisty road to where we serve today

11:54 – What do you love about serving together?

16:36 – The challenges facing a ministry family

22:15 – The fight for the dinner table

32:00 – Along the way—Deuteronomy 6

34:03 – What do you wish you’d have known?

38:27 – What the kids think

47:00 – Advice to younger couples

53:33 – How do you engage your family to be Ministry Minded?

Enjoy this back-and-forth conversation illustrating how important it is to do what God has called us to do, authentically!

Impact, influence, and reaching others right where they’re at is an important part of being Ministry Minded. 

Time Stamps:

0:52 – Who is Rob?

3:04 – Ministry experience and how it’s shaped you

6:00 – Shifting to regional ministry

10:00 – Mentoring young adults

14:05 – The next-gen desires mentors

17:50 – Refuel

23:53 – A generation of worshippers

25:52 – Not fitting the “box” of ministry

31:27 – What does it mean to be Ministry Minded?

Email Rob: and be sure to request a digital copy of his book “Refuel.”

Host Kim Cooper interviews special guest Larry Moore—chatting about what’s worth getting out of bed for every morning, and how God, in His wisdom, transitions us even when we have really good plans of our own!

Time Stamps:

1:00 – Tell us about you

4:46 – Let’s talk about United Youth Outreach

10:59 – The greatest highlight

13:57 – Transition

19:53 – Succession plan

25:18 – How can we pray?

29:00 – What does it mean to be Ministry Minded?

Kim and Cal chat over the New Church movement, a church planting initiative through ACOP.

You’ll enjoy this easy conversation between friends, and maybe, your heart will respond the call of the gospel!

Time Stamps:

0:45 – Tell us about you

2:28 – My role with ACOP

5:01 – The world, the church, and the gospel

8:34 – Not just theory, but impactful

12:59 – New Church is…

15:00 – The vision of 3000

21:20 – New Church Intensive?

23:36 – It takes a simple “yes”

25:07 – What does it mean to be Ministry Minded?

If you’d like to get in touch with Cal he can be reached by email:

Join Kim and Nikolas for a friendly conversation about the call to Pastoral Ministry and what it’s like to step into a Lead Pastor position at a young age.

They share advice and wisdom for all young and “new” ministry leaders—even doing a little bit of preaching towards the end! You won’t want to miss the gems of wisdom within…

Time Stamps:

1:28 – Get to know Nikolas

4:55 – The call to Pastoral Ministry

11:05 – The value of education

16:00 – Overcoming hurdles

21:18 – Advice for new leaders

26:16 – Honouring the saints in your congregation

31:58 – “One Thing” Leadership advice

35:09 – What congregations should know

38:55 – What does it mean to be Ministry Minded?

44:18 – “This Preaches” The life God created us for

If you’d like to get in touch with Nikolas he can be reached by email:

You’re gonna love this heartfelt conversation—listen as Kim and Dale engage our hearts with vulnerability and grace.

They speak openly about how prayer shapes our lives, and how knowing God helps us through the losses and difficulties in life. It’s a true encouragement for all of us in our walk of faith—you will be touched and blessed.

Time Stamps:

0:44 – Tell us a bit about you

3:55 – “We had this plan”

8:27 – Everything will be perfect—No!

12:35 – God’s shoulders are big enough for all of the “why” questions

16:05 – Managing the grieving process while leading in ministry

24:18 – Salt and light of your love

25:50 – Next Gen Gathering “teaser”

31:10 – Political or Priestly

35:56 – Jesus knew who He was

38:41 – Submission, surrender, meekness, and humility

43:24 – What does it mean to be Ministry Minded?

If you’d like to contact Dale, he can be reached through email:

Enriching is the first word that comes to mind as you listen to this powerful podcast with host Kim and her guest Mark Buchanan!

They talk and share about the practice of Sabbath, exploring the ideas behind what it is that really replenishes us in our hunger, thirst, and weariness.

Time Stamps:

1:19 – Who is Mark?

5:22 – The “rest” of God

10:00 – What surprised you about Sabbath?

12:32 – What Sabbath does for us and what it’s not

15:40 – The playfulness of God

21:05 – Let’s wonder about stuff…

28:10 – The food the disciples knew nothing about

33:14 – “I just wanted to give you rest, but you wanted to stay busy”

40:14 – Sabbath, vacation, and sabbatical

48:05 – Generational differences in practicing sabbath

51:22 – What does it mean to be Ministry Minded in the context of sabbath?

Find out more about Mark @

There’s a lot of “Yes” going on in this conversation between Kim and Mark!

You’ll be blessed and encouraged as they talk about the unconventional road to ministry, relationships, and what it means to hear God on the micro level—the everyday.

Time Stamps:

1:10 – Who is Mark?

5:16 – What revives your soul?

6:42 – Everything flows out of relationship

8:17 – Remembering Stan Powers

13:38 – The call to ministry

19:10 – “I knew God would open a door.”

25:07 – Saying “Yes” no matter how crazy it seems

28:12 – Important note on facilitating mission

32:39 – Another shift in ministry

38:09 – Relationship Matters

42:35 – What does it mean to be Ministry Minded?

If you’d like to contact Mark, he can be reached through his website: