Meet the Vice-Principal

The reputation of any school depends basically upon the teachers of the school and the graduate student that is sent into active service of the Lord. Much of the reputation that the Full Gospel Bible Institute enjoys has come to us through the solid and unique ministry of Rev. Lorne O. Pritchard, our Vice-Principal.

Bro. Pritchard was born a few miles north of the little hamlet of Khedive, in southern Saskatchewan. His parents were Ontario-born and came to the west in 1907. Lorne was born December 16th, 1920, the third of a family of seven. It could be of no surprise to anyone to know that Lorne’s new birth was right at home during morning devotions at the breakfast table. Those who have known the Pritchard home have felt the godliness and spiritual atmosphere that always pervaded there.

That home was a lighthouse to the district of saving power and prayer. Folks come to the home for help in spiritual things such as Salvation, the Baptism of the Holy Ghost, and healing. It was a pentecostal home. So as a boy of four the Lord Jesus saved Lorne to the joy of the whole family.

Under such spiritual influence as the home afforded, God prepared the life of His new servant for the ministry. The Pritchard children were kept busy for the Lord. Under Sister Pritchard’s ministry, they learned to sing lustily for the Lord and pray for one another. Their testimonies were clear and sincere.

In 1937 the Lord took Elma home to be with Him in Heaven. It was in this period of sorrow that Lorne drew near to the Lord. While praying in the hayloft for Elma a few days before she passed away, God laid His hand on Lorne and ordained him for the ministry. he started preaching right at home in Khedive and points that were easily reached from there.

Camp meetings had a great part in the molding of Brother Pritchard’s life. At a Trossachs Camp Meeting, he came under the powerful ministries of the late A. Walter Smith of Pasadena, Calif., and H.J. McVety.

In 1939 Brother Pritchard attended the Queen City Bible School under H.J. McVety, where the Word of God was made more precious and real.

The year 1942 saw him in Eston as an Evangelist and while there he received the Baptism of the Holy Spirit in old-time Pentecostal fashion. In that same year, he became Pastor of the Bethel Assembly Pangman, Sask. A position he held for 11 years, respected and loved by all.

The following year Lorne married Miss Anne Kettles of Saskatoon, Sask., and now with Judy, 10 years and James, 2 years of age, their happiness is replete.

The year 1944 saw the founding of the Full Gospel Bible School with Brother Pritchard as one of the founders and one of the original teachers of the school. It is no secret that Lorne has always had the future of young people on his heart. Compassion and yearning to see them live for Jesus prompted this Bible School effort. Not that there were no other Bible Schools at that time, but there was the need for one which taught the Grace of God and the Power of God which he so thoroughly believed.

So as a teacher at FGBI he is responsible for the subjects of Dispensational Truth, Bible Construction, and Theology. Those familiar with the ministry of Brother Pritchard are well aware of the insatiable thirst he has ever held for the subject of Prophecy.

Five years ago he was delighted to see the provision of the Lord make it possible for him to take a “Gretzinger Tour” of Europe and the Middle East, including the Holy Land. With Brother Dosh Johnston, a fellow Estonite, they visited 11 countries, where Bible Geography and Prophecy took on a new meaning and new life. He saw events unfolding before his eyes that tell of the nearness of the coming of the Lord. The prayer, “Even so Come, Lord Jesus” is still the cry of his heart and those who hear him.

In 1955 Brother Pritchard became the Vice-Principal of the Full Gospel Bible Insititute after serving one year as Dean.

Last year (1956) he was inducted as Pastor of the Apostolic Temple at Moose Jaw, Sask., and is enjoying ministry there. To Brother Pritchard we affirm our affection for him in each of his ministerial duties, assuring him of our prayers for spiritual guidance and help along the way.

—Story from End Times’ Messenger March 1957

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