ACOP Presidential Election 2024 Update

December 12, 2023

This fall, all Commissioned and Ordained members were given a ballot and asked to nominate an eligible member for the upcoming ACOP Presidential election in 2024.

As Trustees, we serve as the nominating committee. We tabulated the results from all submitted ballots at our November meeting. The results showed that Rev. Wes Mills received 208 of the 249 ballots submitted (84%).

Our election policy states: In the years that there is an incumbent President, should the incumbent receive two-thirds of the nominations submitted, the Trustees will inform the membership that the nomination process is concluded. Then the incumbent President’s name will be brought for confirmation at the General Conference.

As Rev. Wes Mills has received 84% of nominations submitted, we officially conclude the nomination process for the 2024 ACOP Presidential Election. Rev. Wes Mills has been elected. His election will be brought forward for ratification at the next General Conference ACOP Business meeting.

Thank-you for your prayers and involvement in the nomination process. We hope to see you our upcoming biennial conference in 2024. We will be prayerfully installing Rev. Wes Mills to serve another term as President of ACOP.

In Christ, The Trustees of the Apostolic Church of Pentecost of Canada

Have Questions?

If you have any questions about the election feel free to contact one of us, the Trustees. Our emails are listed below.

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Rev. Chad E. Billington—Québec & Maritime Region:

Rev. Dawn Graburn—Rocky Mountain Region:

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Rev. Martin Chipp-Smith—Central Region:

Rev. Chris Westby—Pacific Region:

ACOP Presidential Election 2024

The ACOP Trustees are officially calling for nominations for the ACOP Presidential Election which will take place at our General Conference in May 2024.

Current President's Intention

The current President of the Apostolic Church of Pentecost of Canada Incorporated, Rev. Wes Mills has indicated to the Trustees he is willing to serve another term.

President Mills has informed the Trustees, if elected, that this would be his final term to serve. He has also presented the Trustees with a succession proposal to ensure a smooth transition to the next President. His intention is to serve a partial term and have an overlap of approximately one year with the next President to mentor and orient them.

There would be another election in 2026 to select his successor. We, the Trustees, are supportive of this proposal and see wisdom in mentoring the next President for the benefit of the fellowship. If Rev. Wes Mills is elected, we will ensure policy and procedures will be clarified to support a successful transition.

We are trusting that God has a great future ahead of us as a fellowship, and that includes guiding us as we prayerfully select His leaders from among us.

The Election Process

Receiving Nominations

Every voting member of the ACOP has one nomination ballot. Using the ballot, each member may nominate any qualified member of the Apostolic Church of Pentecost of Canada in good standing to fill the office of President.

To qualify for nomination, they must be a member in good standing, have ordained credentials with the ACOP, and have been commissioned or ordained for a period of at least the last five consecutive years. (A list of eligible members is available to download below.)

You need not ask someone about nominating them, as no one will be approached to consider running unless they have received several nominations. 

Ballots must be received by: Sunday, November 5, 2023, midnight (Pacific Time).

We are using an online voting platform called Election Runner to receive nominations. Members will receive an email with instructions. Mail-in ballots are supplied to members who are not online and are available upon request from the ACOP National Office.

The Election

Should the incumbent President, Rev. Wes Mills, receive 2/3 of the nominations submitted, process is concluded, and President’s name is will be brought forward at General Conference for confirmation.

Should the incumbent not receive the 2/3 of nominations, in January 2024, the Trustees will inform the membership of the candidates which will be on the ballot for the upcoming election, as well as information on each candidate. Voting will happen at the business session at General Conference.

The Directors and Officers Policy (re: President and elections) is available for download below.

Eligible Members

Policy on the President and Election