You Are the God Who is My Source of Hope

Hope is the wheels that Faith runs on!

Without hope, we wouldn’t be able to see past the situations in our lives that seem hopeless. One of my favorite hope warriors is Steve Backlund. Steve often uses this quote that I love…

“There are no hopeless circumstances, only hopeless people.”

Hope changes people to move past their seemingly hopeless circumstances! Good beliefs always have two things with them, according to this verse. All Joy and peace accompany the right beliefs!

Working long hours at an oilfield job, I was given one of the easiest tasks in the job description. It paid very well, and I was going to be doing this for the next five days! It was a setup from Heaven, or so I thought.

I found out that I was getting kicked off my high perch, and the other two on the job were going to stay. I would miss out on a night of work and be bumped down the pay scale for the rest of the week. I remember feeling entitled and asking God, “why me?”

The response was humbling. “You know who your provider is.” I realized that those other fellows had no idea about the God that provides, but I did. Stress and anxiety rule those who don’t know God as a provider. The response created hope, peace, and joy in my circumstance!

May God give you his hope-filled perspective today!

—Alvin Kaufmann

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