When The Fog Lifts

Although fog is a common occurrence to those of us living on the West Coast (perhaps the East Coast as well), these past several weeks we’ve been smothered in the grey stuff. My normal view is of the Pacific Ocean, the east side of Vancouver Island, and the islands in-between. Lately, on many of those grey days, it’s been impossible to see any of them. 

After living here for nearly twenty years, I can visualize those features in my mind but what doesn’t ever become normal is the sense of gloom and darkness accompanying fog. It’s depressing!

All this has got me thinking of how important it is to “see” as well as experience. We all experience difficulties and during these two years of pandemic-based emotional fog, we’re dealing with a lot of things.

To begin with, there’s depression we’ve heard so much about. For me, loneliness has occurred in a number of ways – some as seemingly inconsequential as not being able to ride the bus, all the way to not being able to attend church in person. But forgive me, I’m not going to dwell on these things!

Two days ago, we had the most wonderful and glorious of days. Early that morning, the sky lit up with sunrise shades of red, purple, and I’m not even sure what other colours were in the blend; nonetheless, they were stunning! All fog disappeared and for a few hours, we delighted in blue skies, brilliant sunshine, and some flowers in bloom.

Although that glory only lasted a few hours, and by the next morning the fog had rolled back in, it was enough to revive memories of what will be coming after winter.

Your life may be gloom-filled as you read this but remember: winter isn’t forever; the sun and the Son are coming! Yippee!

Linda Wegner, Author and Speaker—Words of Worth

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