West Africa Calling

Stan and Phyliss King served in Upper Volta (now Burkina Faso) for 36 years (1954-1990). After Stan’s passing in 2020, his written memoirs were published in a book entitled ‘West Africa Calling’.

This book reveals his heart as he becomes a disciple of Jesus and finds his way into a calling to preach the gospel and make disciples in North Africa.

In 36 years they pioneered among the remote Sissala people, helped establish a Bible College, a Women’s refuge in Leo, and initiated ministry in Ghana. The fruit of this ministry continues to multiply in 2021!

As I read this book I was inspired by Stan’s pursuit of the Lord’s calling, astonished at his personal questions and challenges, and humbled by the many obstacles and much suffering that they endured together.

Much of the book focuses on their tenacity in the face of tragedy and health struggles as the Lord prepared them for their mission. Thus prepared, they overcame much physical hardship and spiritual warfare to participate in a rich harvest in Burkina.

Stan’s vulnerability in his writing displays the work of God in earthen vessels. It’s a personal story of his relationship with Phyliss and their development in ministry.

This is a must-read as we celebrate 100 years of the ACOP Movement. The impact of their story should propel us into our second century.

West Africa Calling is available for purchase ($20 +shipping) through the ACOP office, send us an email and let us know you would like a copy!

Book Review provided by Rev. Stan Powers