The Snowplows Came

Over these past several weeks, all bragging rights for those living on the Sunshine Coast have been eliminated. While still a wonderful place to live (geographic isolation has its merits), I was shocked to see my view of the Pacific Ocean minimized by piles of snow. While cold when I went to bed, the grass was still green. Not so that morning.

You already may have heard the news headlines across Canada but in case you missed it, here on the West Coast we’ve been slammed with cold and snow. I could not have imagined getting up to 25 cm (nearly 10 inches) of the white stuff. Normally we have few stay-at-home snow days.

The regular bus route traffic in front of our house has been replaced by snowplows; the flash of car lights replaced by the roar and revolving lights of sanding trucks. Every bragging right is piled alongside the roadside curbs, along with trapped vehicles. But enough of my lamentations.

Between the snow and that “other” dreaded topic, I’ve chosen to stay at home most of the time. Ice is slippery and masks are yucky but in spite of the challenges, there definitely have been benefits to this isolation. Becoming a full-time caregiver is tiring, but being trapped by the weather provides an excellent excuse to grab a nap or two during the day. I’ve never been a TV or movie watcher but spending a couple of hours a day on crossword puzzles is a delight.

The snow is slowly disappearing, green grass is reappearing and I have to hope that the dreaded disease plague will exit soon. Like the snow, we look forward to the end of its presence.

“…though your sins were as crimson, they shall be made white as snow…” Isaiah 1:18

Well, it’s snowing again! 😉

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