The Gift of Casting

As we come to the end of this month, we’re perched at the end of the year and preparing to leap into the first day of the next. Although that week has always been filled with questions, hopes, uncertainty, and tenuous plans, this year like the past several, they are even more tainted with unpredictability. 

Although some things are marked on the calendar as unchangeable such as birthdays, anniversaries, and upcoming medical appointments,  I’ve always loved the Christmas season.  However, the day comes when it’s time to take the tree down, time to pack away the ornaments, and time to get back to normal routines.

By the time we’ve swept up those elusive pine tree needles and cookie crumbs, sent thank you cards to distant gift-givers, and given ourselves time to let out a big sigh, we need to put up our feet and rejoice in the happy memories. Oh yes, we need to be sure that those delectable left-over goodies are also put away, sometimes in the freezer and other times—well you know where.

While everything else may be out of sight, we can’t escape facing the reality of everyday life. There are bills to be paid, perhaps gifts to be exchanged, and groceries to be replenished. For me, this year, I’m facing surgery just two weeks into the New Year; that’s created a long “to do” list of items to be dealt with re both my own and my husband’s care.

Fortunately, there’s one final gift under the tree that addresses all those things. Though calling for actions, it’s not to be removed.

“Casting all your care upon Him for He cares for you….” 

It’s far too easy to tell God about our problems, then pick them back up but the act of casting them on Him brings deep security.

Linda Wegner, Author and Speaker—Words of Worth

Edit: Because of the COVID surges, my surgery has been put off indefinitely so you can save your kind remarks until who knows when…🙂

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