Pursuing God’s Presence

Roger Helland has written a wonderful book about the pursuit of the presence of the Lord. This book uniquely combines biography, theological textbook, and a self-help manual.

As a biography, Roger chronicles his story of pursuing the presence of God from growing up as a “pagan” in Southern California, through the Jesus People Movement, the US Army, Dallas Theological Seminary, and the Vineyard Movement.

From his ministry as a pastor, seminary professor, and denominational leader, Roger recounts stories and anecdotes of his and others’ experiences in seeking the face of God.

As a theological textbook, Roger digs deep into the meaning of the “presence of God”—and brings understanding to the Hebrew word “Kavod”—which is often translated as “glory” in our English Bibles, but has a much deeper meaning as it refers to the radiance, the majesty and the power of God’s presence.

As a self-help manual Roger provides many practical approaches and methods we can employ in our pursuit of the presence of the Lord in our lives and in our churches. Roger encourages us to live our lives with a constant awareness of the presence of the Lord.

This is an excellent book; it will whet your appetite for more of the presence of the Lord.

Book Review by Wes Mills—President of ACOP

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