May 1, 2024

Another lovely group of ACOP Family met together for an Open Door Retreat in Winnipeg last weekend. What an awesome time of growing, fellowshipping, and spending time in the Lord’s presence!

In the picture are:

Top Row: Paul Winter (Winnipeg), Claudia Orellana (Calgary), Sharon Gray (Winnipeg), Karson Evanovich (Nipawin)

Middle: Doug Siglekow (Co-Host), Lorna Coderre (Stoughton), Ryane Evanovich (Nipawin)

Front Row: Gordon Gray (Winnipeg), Wilfredo Medina (Winnipeg), Susan Shears (Winnipeg), Dawn Miller (Winnipeg)

Side: Jordan Gadsby (Regional Director)

We sincerely congratulate Rev. Roland Crokum, Chaplain Emeritus to the BC Corps of Commissionaires!

Roland writes: “I share this great honour with you who have made it possible. I’m also honoured to be a Life Member of this blessed fellowship which has been my ‘cover’ thus making my ministry possible. Indeed, to ‘the whole world’ in our individual callings.”