March 8, 2023

Global Harvest Missions #

What a lovely group of mission-minded people!

Our Global Harvest team is meeting here at the office to dream, plan, and pray for all that God wants us to do in the world!

They started yesterday and will finish up tomorrow at lunch—pray for the wisdom of the Holy Spirit. Thanks!

ACOP Leaders Spiritual Vitality Survey #

Thank you to everyone who has already participated in this survey!

If you haven’t yet—and would like to—you can submit a response by clicking the button below.

P.S. Today is the last day to participate.

Friendly Reminders #

Leading in ministry is highly demanding and extremely stressful – so much so that it’s common for leaders and their spouses to struggle with discouragement, burnout and relational issues.

As a member of ACOP you have access to Focus on the Family Clergy Care.

You have a whole library of resources with your ACOP account—access it here!