March 22, 2023

Epic 2.0 – Experiential, Practical, Interactive, Christ-Centred Leadership Development #

I was invited to join this lovely group of people for a day as they gathered for the first Epic 2.0 since the pandemic. I immediately got the sense that important conversations were happening.

Of course, there were nuggets of gold all throughout the day as they explored identity (Johari Window, The Gift of Being Yourself) and suffering with a beautiful session shared by Pastor Dale Anderson.

Joining Epic 2.0 is not an academic endeavor or a bunch of tips and tricks that you can use in your Christian Leadership. It is wisdom, understanding, growth, and pulling at ideas that help us shift toward the God who develops “character to withstand the calling.”

I would say that I walked away from the day with a sense that God is constantly working on our lives, aligning our hearts with His. And that, as leaders, everything we do should be focused on Christ because He has eternal purposes.

So, I can only imagine what this group felt like at the end of a week under the teaching of leaders who are sharing from a place of vulnerability and grace.

If you’d like to join—you’re invited of course! Look for our next session of Epic 2.0 in November!

—Annette, ACOP Communications

Stan King Celebration of Life #

There will be a Stan King Celebration of Life on Saturday, May 20, 2023, at 2:00 pm at the Eston Full Gospel Church.

Stan is an alumnus of FGBI from the 1940s and a long-standing member of ACOP. He and his wife Phyllis served as pioneer missionaries for over 40 years in Burkina Faso, West Africa. Many people came to Christ and many churches were established through their ministry and that of their missionary colleagues. Those churches are now all served by nationals—all praise to the Lord!

Friendly Reminders #

Leading in ministry is highly demanding and extremely stressful – so much so that it’s common for leaders and their spouses to struggle with discouragement, burnout and relational issues.

As a member of ACOP you have access to Focus on the Family Clergy Care.

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