March 15, 2023

Prayer Request for Malawi and Mozambique #

Cyclone Freddy has devastated Malawi and Mozambique. They are in a “state of disaster” with hundreds of lives lost and 20,000 displaced as whole villages were washed away.

This was one of the most significant cyclones in history. ACOP is on the ground in both countries, ready to help. People are in churches and anywhere they can get shelter.

If you are able, please consider donating to help purchase necessities for life in this desperate time and please pray for both countries!

This video came from our ACOP partners in Malawi and is a sample of the reality there.

Prayer Request for Joanne & Bill McLellan #

Joanne McLellan, pastor at Touchwood Hills Community Church in Punnichy, SK, is asking for prayer. Bill has recently been hospitalized (indefinitely), with the potential of entering into long-term care.

“I am asking for prayer for the both of us at this difficult time of transition. I also ask the Lord for His continued covering for us and that he provide me with rest to strengthen both body and mind along with wisdom in making good decisions in this transition. Praise and glory be to our Lord Jesus. Amen.”

Stan King Celebration of Life #

There will be a Stan King Celebration of Life on Saturday, May 20, 2023, at 2:00 pm at the Eston Full Gospel Church.

Stan is an alumnus of FGBI from the 1940s and a long-standing member of ACOP. He and his wife Phyllis served as pioneer missionaries for over 40 years in Burkina Faso, West Africa. Many people came to Christ and many churches were established through their ministry and that of their missionary colleagues. Those churches are now all served by nationals—all praise to the Lord!

Gospel Gold #

I was on the phone with my dear friend. She, along with her husband, had recently applied and were accepted to become pastors in their city.

The day before the earthquake marked the last day at her husband’s previous job; they were now officially in full-time ministry!

They woke up to the earthquake news on that Monday morning and were immediately drawn to help. Thankful that he no longer had another job to return to, they were able to head into the earthquake zone and set up a soup kitchen and begin ministering to hurting people.

We marvel at the timing of God and how He has led our friends to be the hands and feet of Jesus for such a time as this! 

Friendly Reminders #

Leading in ministry is highly demanding and extremely stressful – so much so that it’s common for leaders and their spouses to struggle with discouragement, burnout and relational issues.

As a member of ACOP you have access to Focus on the Family Clergy Care.

You have a whole library of resources with your ACOP account—access it here!