Kings and Priests Unto God—Revelation 1:6

Both Peter and John mention the fact that we, who are born again, are called Kings and Priests and need to function in these roles to fulfill the will of God.

To see what this looks like we can read the stories in the Bible about kings and priests and ask God to show us how to apply the principles they were taught. Because we are living under a new covenant the principles of priestly and kingly reign might look somewhat different, but some truths are eternal and apply to every generation. Let’s look at the story of King Saul. (1 Samuel 9,10).

Shifting from the ordinary to the supernatural is the first principle we want to look at. Saul was very ordinary and was doing an ordinary thing when things began to shift in his life. He was looking for his fathers’ donkeys – an ordinary thing – to prophesying with the prophets, a supernatural thing!

In order for us to be active priests and kings, we need to be open to experience the supernatural in our life. This is something we cannot force but something we should ask for. The ‘born again’ experience and ‘baptism in the Holy Spirit’ prepares us for the supernatural; these two experiences are necessary to get us started.

Hear from anointed men and women of God is the second principle. God spoke to Samuel the prophet and Samuel spoke to Saul. In many cases God will speak to us directly as He did to Samuel when he was a boy; He did the same to me, and I have heard testimonies that God has done the same thing to many others.

Eli confirmed the word that God said to Samuel and in our life, we need to listen for the confirming word that will come from other men and women of God. Timothy had the confirming words about his call and gifting from the Presbytery as they laid hands on him. We are not in this supernatural life alone; we have brothers and sisters who will encourage us along the way. We will see this in Saul’s story.

In one day, Saul received three confirmations about the call of God in his life. Before we mention these three things it is important to know that God does not call us to fail. Our personalities might limit us, the devil will discourage us, and some may not receive us, but God is for victory in our calling. You may ask, why did Saul fail to rise in victory in his calling? His greatest downfall was his arrogance and disobedience.

The third principle is to hear what the Lord is saying through prophetic ministry. Two men travelling together met Saul and told him the donkeys had been found and that Kish, Saul’s dad, was worried about his son.

The number two is important here – in the mouth of two or three let every word be established. These two prophets had a revelation about Saul’s dad and the donkeys. The donkeys were lost but now they were found. Good news! I want to add that God knows what you have lost, and He wants you to find it or receive something better. Somewhere in your life, you will want to know this—God is a restorer of good things!

The fourth principle has to do with God supplying your needs. By this time, Saul and his servant had run out of food, and they had miles to go (perhaps days) before they arrived home. God sent three men into their path – one had three little goats, another had three loaves of bread and the third had a bottle of wine. [I have written an article called the “Third Loaf’ which you can find under my name in ACOP This week.] Two loaves were given to Saul and his servant. This was all that they needed but our flesh often wants more. We sometimes complain to God when ‘the three goats and the bottle of wine was not given’. This will be a test of our contentment. He has promised to supply our need, not our greed.

The fifth principle is that we make decisions under the anointing, or when the anointing is resting upon us. When Saul met the prophets coming down from Bethel the (prophetic) anointing that was on them came upon him and he prophesied with them. God was saying to Saul – when the prophetic anointing comes upon you then the thoughts or words you receive from me will guide you in what you should do.

This being true, we need to know when the anointing is upon us and what we find easy to do; or what we have a desire to do under the anointing. [A word of caution here—what you are willing to do under the anointing, your flesh may not be so willing to do. There will be a struggle between the flesh and the spirit. You and I choose between yielding to the spirit or yielding to the flesh]. If you find it easy to sing when the anointing is on you – then sing. If you have compassion for others and want to help them financially, do it.

When under the anointing you receive wisdom for a situation than pursue it. Saul’s anointed gifting was prophesy, but prophesy was not to be the end result; the end result was acting on the thoughts he received under that anointing. Spending time in the presence of God in loving Him, praising Him, worshipping Him, and listening for His voice is so important. The anointing will show you what to do. To be effective as a king and priest in God’s kingdom we must have the anointing upon us.

The sixth principle has to do with our inner change – God gave Saul another heart. This has happened to all believers—we have been given the mind of Christ. Did Saul always use the heart God had given to him? No. Do we always live the mind of Christ? No.

We need to discern between our natural mind and the mind of Christ. Are we thinking God’s thoughts; are we confessing God’s words? This is where Saul got into trouble, instead of doing what Samuel had told him to do, he was swayed by the reaction of his soldiers who left him while Saul was waiting for Samuel to show up.

We too are often swayed by circumstances and the voice of others; having patience when times are difficult is hard! The situation in the world today wants us to be reactionary when we should be resting in the presence and promises of God.

Carolyn and I are facing this situation, but, also the question of where we should live the next 10 or 20 years. It’s never easy, we need God’s direction in these matters. Pray for us! Those of you who are in your 70’s and 80’s know some of the struggles we go through. Another question I am constantly asking is – is my ministry over? If not, what do I do?

Sometimes it is hard to find and function in the mind of Christ when we look around us and see how easy it would be to just relax, let others minister to us.

You and I have been given another heart, we have the mind of Christ; to deny this truth and not walk in its’ security, we give in to a lesser lifestyle.

Hearing and understanding the voice of God,

Les Dueck

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