Kairos Opportunity

Let’s make the most of this kairos (opportunity or appointed moment)…

After personally leading courses on 3 continents, I’m convinced that the Kairos Course is a powerful tool for helping believers everywhere understand what God is doing in history—that He’s designed them to play a significant role!

Kairos looks at what “the mission” really is and how mission-centered the Bible is. It explores the successes and failures of God’s people throughout history.

It discusses strategies for reaching the lost, some of which are no longer effective as well as new ones that God is unveiling. It explores how our cultures impact everything from our worldview to our actions, and it equips us for reaching those of different cultures.

So grab a couple of leaders from your church and come check out several online and in-person Kairos Courses being offered across Canada!

Course Manager – Course from Canada (simplymobilizing.com)

—Bruce Lungren

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