How Things Change

It’s hard to believe how much has happened in the space of a few days.

First, an unbelievable dump of snow here on the West Coast has been replaced by the more typical rain, green grass, and buds on various flowers and bushes. 

Even closer to home,  a month ago the Wegner family consisted of one brother and two sisters; this week it’s now comprised of one brother (my husband) and his remaining sister. War, starvation, and now old age have claimed five of the original seven siblings.

Finally and so sadly, the death of a dear friend and former member of a church we pastored in rural Saskatchewan took place this week, as well. 

Simply put, within less than a month our ecological and emotional landscape did major flip-flops.

But lest I sound like I’m discouraged or bemoaning these events, I’m not; in fact, I find myself rejoicing in many ways. Here goes…

The snow not only was beautiful, but it also provided much-needed moisture to many parts of our province (remember last summer’s forest fires?) It was beautiful and it certainly slowed the traffic that used to roar down our street.

Then the death of our much-loved family member. She was 92 and was in rapidly declining health. We’ll miss her but rejoice with her that she’s home with the Lord and enjoying perfect health and happiness.

As for our dear friend two provinces away, we grieve that she passed away at a relatively early age but again, she’s no longer in pain or distress and we have the hope of meeting again. (When you’re my age, anything under 75 is considered relatively young).

It would, however, be foolish to pretend that we don’t feel the pain of so many of life’s occurrences. This makes the difference: “Don’t fear tomorrow, God is already there!”

Linda Wegner, Author and Speaker—Words of Worth

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