Hope Has Come!

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A Pandemic Christmas Gift #

Christmas is such a special time of year—the tangible change in which the world we live begins to fill with excitement.

Christmas carols are heard in almost every store and the season transforms into a time of hope, of caring for those you love, of giving, and for us as the Church an opportunity for outreach.

But, how do you plan a Christmas outreach during a global pandemic?!

This was the question, our ACOP Church in Moose Jaw, faced as they were planning—realizing that most of the local Christmas events would be cancelled.

The end result was a Drive-Thru Nativity Experience, staged around the outside of the Church building with live actors, animals, painted scenes, video projections, and light displays to tell the Christmas story in English, French, Spanish and Arabic!

Over three nights 2,500 people (about 900 vehicles) drove through and heard the Gospel story! The community response was incredible and each vehicle received a gift with an invitation to join us on Christmas Eve (live or online).

Why did this work? Because the Church planned an event for their community and not just their members. People (not just believers) love to celebrate Christmas, it’s an opportunity too good to miss out on.

A gift and invitation to their Christmas Eve service is also key. Each family has different needs, those with young children like to attend earlier, and those who have to work Christmas Eve prefer a later service. Offering flexibility, even an online or in-person choice, reaches more people.

It’s about loving your community, reaching into their world, and sharing the Good News of Christmas. When we love our city and give back—that makes an impression…

How are you planning to reach into your community with the Gospel this Christmas? They’d be happy to help! You can check out the highlights here: https://www.hillcrestmj.com/hope-has-come 

Contact Daycee Richardson at daycee@hillcrestmj.com for more information about how Hillcrest Church can help your church run a similar outreach this Christmas.