Hard Times, God’s Strength

I’m not sure if July 4 celebrations were different this year for our U.S. neighbours, but here in Canada our recognition of July 1, Canada Day, certainly was. In fact, it could be said that anything but enthusiasm marked the day for a lot of people. While many, if not most of us, are proud to be Canadians, the weather dampened our spirits while igniting our forests, intensifying the reality of some of the horrors of our history that blew up in our faces. I won’t say more.

Something far more delightful and cheering inspired the theme of this article, however. Earlier this week as I was sitting in our living room, I glanced out the front window and noticed something I’d never noticed before. It was the most beautiful yellow oriole bird and it was sitting on a branch not far from the window. Its colour spoke of good things and of cheerfulness, in spite of weather or any other conditions. My heart was lifted and since then I’ve been meditating on the role that God wants to play in our lives, regardless of what’s going on around us.

Whether things are going up in flames, crashing in devastating news, reeling sideways in unanswered questions, or descending into near despair, God’s presence and His power are steady and unchangeable. Why He doesn’t always intervene in the way I’d like has even made me angry at times (an emotion I quickly turned over to Him – He understands!)

A dear sister-in-law sent this last evening, perfect timing as I struggled to write this week’s article: “Every day may not be good …but there’s something good in every day. The more you praise and celebrate life…the more there is in life to celebrate.”

“So don’t worry! You are more valuable to him than many sparrows [or orioles].”

—Linda Wegner, Author and Speaker
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