Glimpses of Grace

If ever there was a time when the theme for an article would be easy to capture, you’d think it would be this week. Both good and bad have flooded the news and often, our individual lives. I won’t need to reiterate the obvious, I just want to send words of appreciation for all the efforts of so many to ease the pain of thousands of others. I’ll call them glimpses of grace.

This afternoon, where I’m living, dark clouds cast their shadows on the waters of the Pacific Ocean. It’s near-black wherever I look. But wait! Cracking through the gloom there are a few shafts of light. Talk about a glimpse of cheer!

This morning I attended church alone, as I have for months now. Hubby isn’t well enough to go and I don’t want to stay home. As on so many Sundays, playing the piano for the service has been a real glimpse of joy for me; after all, I’m still of use in the service of God. Then the clouds parted, even more, today as many folks came up after the service to say they’re praying for us and asking me to take their love and greetings to him. On a far less spiritual topic, picking up hamburgers for lunch is always a bright spot. Homemade soup for supper so no cooking today.

While writing this, my ears perked up and I stopped typing long enough to truly enjoy some beautiful music playing on my computer. Too often background noise blots out words and sounds of joy. Right now someone is singing “Home is where my heart belongs” and I’m reminded that when we love the Lord, we’re “heading Home’. What a wonderful hope! If there ever was a ray of bright joy it’s in knowing that death isn’t the end, it’s the beginning.

—Linda Wegner, Author and Speaker—Words of Worth

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