From My Heart

Normally I have my theme pretty much worked out by Friday. Not this week. Actually, I’ve wrestled over and over with two main thoughts. First, I wrote about encouragement just a week or so ago and I don’t like to be repetitious; next and most challenging, I am going to attempt to address a current and to some, a most divisive event.

No, I’m not going to even suggest who should get your vote but I do encourage you to cast one. I’m not even going to address the topics of oil and gas, climate change, or COVID. I will, however, mention that we should all dispose of our garbage in a responsible manner.

What I want to express, even at the risk of evoking the displeasure of some of my readers, is that we make encouragement rather than harassment a rule of our lives.

Phew, there I said it and by doing so I’m sending out my deepest and most sincere thanks to all those medical people who daily give their hours, days, inner and outer strength to care for folks fighting for their lives.

Yes, we have a choice as to how we accept or reject proffered assistance but yelling, blocking traffic, spitting on, and even hindering medical care for seriously ill patients is wrong in my books.

Just wondering what the effect would have been if crowds had cheered those same nurses, doctors, and EMTs while waving signs of thanks for all their commitment and hard work. It might not have made the national news but it would have lifted some of the heavy loads these folks carry.

You or I may not be involved in such a gathering, but who in our world can we encourage and cheer on. At home? Your neighbour(s)? School or church leaders?

Thanks, everyone! Yeah!

—Linda Wegner, Author and Speaker
Words of Worth
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Powell River, BC   V8A 4N4
604-483-9210 Member: Powell River Community First Aid Team (PRCFAT)
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