Can We Believe Genesis in an Age of Science?

Synopsis #

According to many Christian leaders, early Genesis is a myth or allegory.

Therefore, Adam and Eve never lived, Eve was never tempted, and Adam never sinned. There was no creation week, so God did not make the earth, the stars, the birds, fish, or the animals. This has become the default position of many Christian teachers, ministries, and campuses. This is not just mainline churches, but evangelicals have joined the ranks of doubters in creation.

This is a reaction to the claims of Christians who work in the sciences, claiming that evolution is now an established fact. As a result, creation week is put in the category of myth or allegory, not history. New interpretations of Genesis abound.

There is just one problem. This may be how people interpret Scripture, but it is not how Scripture interprets Scripture. Scripture treats Genesis as history. If you are wondering whether Genesis can be interpreted as true history, the struggle is over. Jesus is not just the cornerstone of the church. He is the cornerstone of creation.

Book Review #

This book contains a defense of the historical Genesis from Scripture. The author, Mark, presents a very thorough treatment of the validity of the Word of God found in the Bible.

Mark shares his own personal experience in confronting the issue of the Biblical account of Creation and the theory of Evolution.

He deals with two propositions:

  1. God Provided us with accurate accounts, and Genesis is Historical
  2. God had allowed an inaccurate account of origins into scripture. “Modern science has provided us with a new, true, and cleverer account of our origins.”

Mark has written another book on this subject yet to be published entitled: “Can We Believe the Science of the Light of Scripture?” Examining Science in the Light of Scripture.

About the Author #

Mark Glaab is the pastor of Faith Alive Family Church in London, Ontario, Canada, where he serves with his wife Anita. In the past, Mark has written curricula along with software self-help books. Mark has been a teacher of classes on systems analysis, database development, and software for the federal, provincial, and municipal governments; school boards; a university; an oil company, and other business clients.

Mark has applied his analytical skills to this topic but believes that it is only revelation from the Holy Spirit that brings answers to some of the deepest questions Christians face.

—Rev. Gil Killam

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