I’ve always been and have been known to be, busy. I look back with enjoyment and satisfaction on the roles I’ve filled in churches we’ve served and in communities where we’ve lived. While I’m going to list a few roles, it’s not meant as a boastful exercise, just an enumeration to remind me of the privileges I’ve enjoyed over many decades.

In every church where we’ve pastored or attended, I’ve had the joy of playing the piano for services. Sometimes I was the sole musician but other times I was privileged to play along with other instrumentalists.

I’ve served as the only piano teacher in one community and in leadership roles in non-profit organizations in others. Oh, and I remember, I served as Competent Leader in a Toastmasters chapter. Hope this doesn’t sound terribly arrogant but I must mention that I was on the Board of our local Chamber of Commerce for a number of years. Okay, I hear you, that’s enough!

As these words imply, I feel incredibly honoured to have held such positions but now much older, I simply don’t have the energy or spark to carry those kinds of loads. God is reminding me of the difference and the great importance of being, not just doing. Being a true friend, sharing a smile with folks who, like everyone, are going through challenging times, continuing to support our church financially, even when income has shrunk considerably, and most importantly, being faithful in praying for those who have taken up the challenge to do what I and others once did. Moving from “doing” to “being” takes adjustment but even more, realizing that God working through us is as important as our working for God.

“If you let Christ be Lord in these affairs, God will be glad; and so will others.” (Romans 14:18)


—Linda Wegner, Author and Speaker
Words of Worth
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