Baby, It’s Hot Outside

In 1944 the classic song, “Baby it’s Cold Outside” was a hit. I was just one year old when that was released but now, years later, I am tempted to try to re-write the piece. I’d name it “Baby, it’s Hot Outside!”

Without going into the graphic details regarding climate change, we’ve definitely been swamped. I thought I’d escaped these blistering temperatures when we moved from the Canadian prairies to a home just minutes away from the Pacific Ocean but this week proves how wrong I was.

Throughout the past months that have been marked by a pandemic, we’ve been urged to live a life of caution and concern for our own health as well as that of others. Personally, and I’m sure for many others more than me, there’s a tremendous sense of relief and thanksgiving accompanying the reality that we seem to be coming out of that one; unfortunately, however, this current heat is predicted to last for weeks or even months to come. I find myself humming my revised version of the classic, “Baby, it’s hot outside.”

As unassociated as it may sound, along with these soaring temperatures, I’m also experiencing an increasing awareness of a lot more “scorching” matters affecting the health and unity of our country and similar injustices worldwide. Here in Canada, we’ve come face-to-face with the horrific manner in which our First Nations people have been treated; worldwide, ongoing atrocities take the lives of children as well as adults. Friends, it’s hot outside.

Other than running a fan and getting up early to let in cooler air, external temperatures are as they are. As individuals and as a nation, what we can do is to ask forgiveness then offer unconditional love to those around us.

“Repent…that times of refreshing may come from the presence of the Lord.”

—Linda Wegner, Author and Speaker
Words of Worth
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