August 16, 2023

New Life Community Fellowship, Hanna, AB #

New Life Community Fellowship is celebrating 100 years of serving the Hanna, AB community! They have planned a special weekend (Sept 30 – Oct 1) with a Saturday morning breakfast and a Sunday celebration, followed by a luncheon.

If you’d like to help celebrate, because of your past or present involvement, they would like to extend an invitation for you to join in “Celebrating New Life”—their theme for the weekend. If you’d like to join this special event please RSVP by September 10, 2023, to Debbie Cooper at:

Greta Sheppard Celebration of Life #

Greta’s Celebration of Life will be held on:

Wednesday, August 30th at 1 pm PDT

Sonrise Full Gospel Church, 5588 – 188 Street Surrey, BC

Gospel Gold—A short story of praise! #

Many, many years ago as a little girl, I sat on the bleachers at Kennedy Rodeo and yearned for the chance to preach the gospel I love—to the people I love—at the event that I love. This year, it was a humbling honour for me to share the Good News of Jesus at Moose Mountain Pro Rodeo—God was so kind to fulfill that little girl’s dream.

Saturday morning dawned bright & beautiful and we were excited to get to the Parade! Last-minute touches were made to the float, a quick prayer fluttered heavenward, and then we were off. Our lovely volunteers willingly rode on the float to share smiles, throw candies, and extend invitations for Cowboy Church.

Just as we pulled out of the fairgrounds, Pastor Nicole invited us all to sing (the very thing the Parada coordinator had hoped for), so there we were, singing with the love, joy, and peace of Jesus!

120 invitations to Cowboy Church were hand delivered Saturday morning and on the back of each invitation were simple steps about “How To Receive Jesus.” We pray that if anyone has been seeking and wondering, those little steps will lead them to friendship with God.

Many woke up Sunday morning with the excitement, “We Have Good News!”

A highlight for me was watching Derek, Jen, and Mark drive away in a half-ton with the tailgate down to drive around the grounds offering bottles of water, granola bars, and invitations to Cowboy Church.

150 bottles of water were handed out Sunday morning before church!! 75 of those bottles had a Billy Graham Gospel Tract. All of the bottles had an invitation to Cowboy Church and the steps to receive Jesus.

188 people attended Cowboy Church Sunday morning and 40 of those were children. Praise the Lord! One lady told me in tears after the service, “I think I have found my church…the music drew me in!” Pray she will indeed come and join our Family and find Jesus.

Pastor Charla preached an anointed child-like gospel message to children and adults. She shared God’s plan of salvation through faith in Jesus. Then she led the children to make bracelets and necklaces out of coloured beads that would help them remember Jesus’ Good News!  

Family, you shone brightly for Jesus, may He receive all the glory and great reward for His suffering! Please join us in praying that the Good News of Jesus will touch many people’s lives. We have good news!

-Pastor Merodee

Friendly Reminders #

Leading in ministry is highly demanding and extremely stressful – so much so that it’s common for leaders and their spouses to struggle with discouragement, burnout and relational issues.

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