May 25, 2022

ACOP 101—Revive, Recalibrate & Recommission

Our ACOP 101 Conference was an absolute delight!

There was so much excitement as we met together for the first time in four years. We want to extend a special thank you to all those who attended in person and online. We felt God at work during our whole time together.

So many were blessed and filled, and the testimonies were a joy to hear and share. Evening services can be re-watched on our Facebook page, and details about the whole conference replay will be available soon.

You’ll also enjoy watching Kenn Parker’s prophecy!

ACOP Atlantic & Québec Regional Gathering—May 11, 2022

Summer broke in early on Wednesday afternoon as we gathered from across New Brunswick at our regional gathering. It was our first gathering without COVID restrictions and it was delightful to be together again—30 members were in attendance.

The Village of Hope hosted our gathering and honestly spoiled us with treats, a feast, and hospitality. Andrew & Erika Vähi led us on a tour of recent upgrades and development on the site, including the facilities for a soon-to-be-opening women’s program.

The quality of the work they do is reflected in the thoughtfulness and beauty of the architecture they create. Andrew then showed us plans for the future including a multipurpose building. The rest of our afternoon together was spent in sharing and prayer for each other. Then we went down to the river for supper (which was an incredible feed of pulled pork, ribs & more).  

After supper, we took time to honour Kenn Parker, who will be leaving the area and his post as Regional Director to serve in BC. Kenn shared the story behind the move, we took time to affirm him and his ministry in our area, and then we closed our day laying on hands and praying for Kenn & Linda’s next chapter in ministry. Kenn & Linda, we are so thankful for your ministry and the way you have embodied building bridges between the East & West Coasts.

Then, if that wasn’t enough fun, we travelled down the road to ‘The Red Barn’ for extravagant ice cream sundaes and treats.

When all is said and done, it was so good to gather, pray, laugh, encourage each other, celebrate what God is doing in our region, the Village of Hope, and to honour Kenn & Linda.

Pastor Chad Billington—Smythe Street Church

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On behalf of West Calgary Full Gospel Church Board and Leadership; we are pleased to announce that as of May 1, 2022, we have welcomed Pastor Parker Friesen to our Congregation.

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