A Closer Walk

This book is descriptive of the experience Jackie Roy and her family walked together—through some of the most difficult circumstances one could imagine.

She has done a remarkable job telling of the difficult journey and describing the effects of her father’s sickness on the entire family.

Her story is nonfiction and details the process of handling her father’s Alzheimer’s—including the stages of decline and demonstrating how it takes a whole family working together to come through the ordeal.

Jackie makes clear the information in her story is not intended for medical advice but it is her personal journey with her Dad’s Alzheimer’s. In eighteen chapters she gives the history of dementia in their family and shares the journey; hoping it will be helpful for others who may face similar circumstances.

No one knows what it is like to live with Alzheimer’s, but through the trials of a family member with this disease. However, this account will be a benefit to all who read it and will help to prepare for such an event if your family is touched by this disease.

You will experience many different emotions as you read. I was particularly impressed how Jackie and the entire family worked together to get through this trial.

Everyone should read this book.

—Rev. Gil Killam

A Closer Walk—An Alzheimer’s Journey by Jackie Roy #
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