ACOP of Canada is more than an organization, credentialing agency, or administrative structure. We walk in relationship with each other, much like a family. Like any family, we are extremely diverse as individuals and as churches, representing all age groups. We strive to embrace cultural diversity and we celebrate the diversity of callings that exists in the body of Christ.

This level of membership is relational and is intended for those who are looking for ministerial fellowship and spiritual covering, without pursuing ministry credentials. 

A Commissioned membership is the first step within ACOP for those seeking ordination. It is also for individuals who are involved in a ministerial capacity that may not require ordination—but do require formal ministerial recognition. 

Ordination is for members who are proven ministers of the gospel that have fulfilled all of the steps required for ordination.

If you are interested in obtaining credentials through ACOP, please fill out the enquiry form below and someone from our office will be in contact with you.