Bro. Shibagaki’s Testimony

According to the abundant love of the Lord, I’m saved and now I truly am living because I received new life.

The first time I heard the gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ was just this year in May. Before hearing the Gospel I always thought of God as just another make-believe story and fairy tale. I did not understand salvation at all.

It is sad to say that at the present time the average youth of Japan thinks as I did. There were times though when I thought of spiritual things but I could not solve all the problems myself. I, therefore, started to inquire was there really a “WORLD GOD”, one that loved all the peoples of the world.

In the Apostolic tent, the Missionaries taught me the Word of God and at once Jesus Christ became my Life and my All. I truly believed on Him!

As I write this testimony I recall the verse that lodged in my heart, “I am the Way, the Truth, and the Life.”

In June of this year, I received water baptism and I am constantly dwelling in His love. I praise the Lord that as I live I can always be thankful for everything and I will continue to act according to the heavenly will.

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