Obedience to Jesus 2023

This article by Robert A. Larden was first published in the End Times' Messenger October 1970.

As we are set to celebrate ACOPs 100th Anniversary on Monday, October 25th. We thought it would be neat to read about the vision that was cast on our 50th Anniversary—written by Rev. Daniel Breen, Moderator of ACOP in 1971.

This article by A. E. Sheppard, was first published in the End Times' Messenger. Rev. Cal Ellerby has added to this article as the Church Planting Catalyst for ACOP!

Thanksgiving is a special time of year. The fleeting beauty of the harvest season can cause us to reflect and rest, and we should!

This article by Elsie White, President of the Apostolic Ladies Missionary Fellowship, was first published in the End Times' Messenger March 1969.

This article by Daniel Breen was first published in the End Times' Messenger January 1969.

—This Editorial was written 53 years ago, it was the last article written by Brother E.L. McRae for the End Times' Messenger (before his passing) and appeared in the June 1968 issue. Brother E.L. McRae served as the ACOP Moderator from 1964 – 1968.

From its ACOP affiliates in initial tent meetings along the river to her present-day location “up the hill”, each bend in her story could be likened to the winding path of the Saint John River that cuts through the city.

The thirty-ninth annual Conference of the Apostolic Church of Pentecost of Canada opened in Zion Apostolic Church, Vancouver, with the shadow of …

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