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Spring is springing across the land. Robins have landed in my backyard and gophers are chasing each other in fields everywhere. There …

Spring is a beautiful season, the sun draws closer to our earth, snow melts, green begins to show, and the long winter …

The Movement of Resurrection —Rev. Nikolas Amodeo

You’ve walked through a few of those dark days—full of uncertainty and the inability to “shake it off.” It’s a struggle when …

Written by Rev. Doug Siggelkow

For Churches Arising from the Pandemic—so what opportunities for our churches can we see in this pandemic that can reinvigorate our hope?

“A mission shaped church has a hope shaped mission.”—N.T. Wright

Anchors need to catch on something, they must be set into the seabed, while suction does its work from below, creating resistance that holds. That is what God’s promises are, and He will never fail to keep them.

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