100 Years of Memories

Apostolic Youth Movement

What About a Name?

Out of literally dozens of suggested names given in at our district rallies, the name “APOSTOLIC YOUTH MOVEMENT” was chosen for our youth department.

A special honorable mention goes to Rev. Bob Larden and his young people of Swift Current for coming up with this fine name. Perhaps you will recall our first outlined basis for a youth fellowship:

→ to increase fellowship among young people of our assemblies

→ to promote missionary endeavour among our young people

→ to reach unsaved youth through our youth

→ to encourage young people in smaller assemblies

Let’s always keep our aim (A.Y.M.) high with our eyes on the Lord Jesus Christ.

[End Times’ Messenger September 1957]

United Youth Outreach

We’re proud of the history of the youth outreach of ACOP. There have been so many great initiatives that were used for reaching and discipling students in our churches.

One of those was the quizzing program back in the 1960s that pitted youth groups against each other, a great way of initiating bible study and scripture memorization in their lives. In fact, I was a part of a team from Ontario one year and was tasked with the goal of memorizing the first 7 verses of Acts chapter 6. To this day, I can still quote some of that portion of scripture.

Today’s United Youth Outreach has grown tremendously from the early days of the Apostolic Youth Movement. United exists as a covering and a facilitator for leaders and ministries that have a desire to bring the love of Jesus to Canadian students. Our vision is to reach every youth in Canada with the Gospel and we are fulfilling that mission by empowering missional leaders to impact youth. To date, United leads 10 ministries to see this accomplished.

The name of the organization has changed throughout the years. As you know, it was originally called Apostolic Youth Movement, then Apostolic Youth Ministries, Apostolic Youth Ministries International, and finally United Youth Outreach. The reasoning behind the most recent title change is that it better described what we are doing as we facilitated outreach together through our ministries, and it alleviated the confusion we ran into when people asked what the word ‘apostolic’ meant. The change in our name and logo has been well received.

The heart of United is the same heart that was behind the Apostolic Youth Movement: to see students come into a relationship with Jesus Christ.

Over the past 35 years, we have been privileged to see hundreds and hundreds of Christian young people grow in their walk as disciples of Christ. At the same time, these young people and their leaders have been instrumental in seeing thousands and thousands of people won to Jesus Christ across the world.

When a teenager personally experiences the power of the Holy Spirit, the love of Jesus, sharing their faith, or leading someone to meet Jesus, nothing can take that away from them regardless of where they go in life.

Someone asked me for my thoughts on the future of evangelism and outreach, especially to students in this season. I responded by saying that these are the best of times, that the fields are as white as they were in Jesus’ day, and that we simply need to be obedient to Him to pray for labourers to be sent out if we’re going to see the harvest come in.

I believe that Jesus has the best ahead for us.

Larry Moore, Executive Director – United Youth Outreach

A Pod of Peas

Guaranteed to add zest to tasteless Youth Meeting recipes!

Pray! The first step toward more effective youth work. Pray regularly. Pray for individual young people and their problems. Pray for each part of each meeting and activity.

Plan! As sponsor, or leader, prepare personally, well in advance. Then prepare with the young people so that each phase of the meeting fits into place. “Last minute” planning is too late.

Push! You don’t have to crack a whip to do it. The kids look to you for enthusiasm and drive. If you’re sold on youth work, you’ll give it all you’ve got.

Persist! Any task involving people will have some discouragements, but the Lord has rewards for “overcomers.” Stick with the job.

Punch! Vitality, group spirit—requisites in youth work. Any enthusiastic leader, dedicated to their job, will have an enthusiastic organization.

Purpose! Aim high in your long-range plans, as well as your current activities. Expect great things from the Lord.

Praise! Praise the Lord daily for the important job He’s given to you, and don’t forget to praise the young folks in your group from time to time for their efforts. It’ll go a long way!

[End Times’ Messenger September 1957]

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